WoW Tutorial: How to Tank Garrosh

Boss Icon - Garrosh Hellscream

Its not a very complicated task as long as your tanks have cooperation.  I will breifly tell you how to tank Garrosh and the ads.

Phase one:

Tank #1 will Tank the boss and the off tank (tank #2) will be tanking the ads.

Tank #1 will pull the boss into the center and face him away from the group and hold aggro until his health goes completely down.

Tank #2 will grab the ads from the left and right side of the room. Wolf rider ads must be kept from Garrosh or else he will get healed. Ads should be dragged in the Iron stars path so that enemies will take alot of damage, dps & Healers should avoid it.

Phase 2:

Garrosh’s health will revert back to full health.

Tanks 1 and 2 will contiune the same routeen as phase 1 except there will be 3 times where the entire raid is sent to another  realm. Both tanks will grab the adds and head straight to the boss. no cc needed. Tank #1 will aggro Garrosh and the other will hold aggro on the adds. The entire raid must avoid Garrosh’s strikes. Afterwards the raid will be sent back to the original room. This repeats 2 more times total. In the original room, Garrosh will perform [grippling dispair] on the targeted player (the Tank) which causes a 10% debuff. Tanks should switch aggro at 6 stacks.

That  is pretty much it. As a druid tank, I recommend to only tank Garrosh. It will be more difficult to tank adds as a druid tank and ragers will be on your back because they don’t understand.


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